August 2011

Food & Nutrition Services would like to welcome Sadie Richards, our new Food Corps member! Food Corps is a pilot program of Americorps which aims to provide nutrition education in schools, build school gardens, and bring more local food into school lunches. Sadie will be working with Kim Szeto and the Farm to School Initiative to continue work with bringing local food into cafeterias. She will also be spending much of her time building and maintaining a school garden at Dearborn Middle School and working closely with faculty and teachers there to incorporate food and nutrition curriculum into the classroom. Sadie is part of a broader team of six Food Corps members working around the Greater Boston area with The Food Project and City Sprouts.  We welcome Food Corps to Massachusetts and are excited about the work they will be doing this year and the seeds they will sow in our schools.


This video gives a rundown of four of the special initiatives within Food & Nutrition Services: the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program, the Farm to School Initative, Fuel Up to Play 60, and Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools. All of these programs aim to increase the health and well-being of children within our schools and to improve their educational experiences.

Want to know more about USDA food distribution for the National School Lunch Program? This new video shows you why today’s USDA food is no slop and can help a school district meet its nutritional goals while significantly cutting costs.  The USDA administers the National School Lunch Program, serving 32 million meals each school day and purchasing 15-20% of food for the program. Over 180 healthy foods are available through the USDA Food Distribution Program including whole grain pastas and breads, low-sodium vegetables and beans, and low-fat cheeses. The USDA food distribution program webpage has some great information on USDA foods including these parent resources.

Food & Nutrition Services invites you to their 2011 K-12 Food Show on Thursday, August 25th from 4 pm – 6pm at Frederick Pilot Middle School. Come sample tasty, healthy foods as well as new food offerings from local vendors and Whitsons Culinary Group – the new satellite school meals provider. You can also learn about exciting programs and initiatives happening in Boston Public Schools. All guests will have a chance to win door prizes! The Food Show is open to all BPS students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large.

Check out this video of lunch cheerleaders from Improv Everywhere:

A report issued on June 15th by the CDC in the Preventing Chronic Disease journal found that following a policy passed in June 2004 restricting the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages in Boston Public Schools, students reduced the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages significantly.

The study reports that the reduction is equivalent to 45 kcal or a 19% decrease in reported consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. This reduction accounts for 25% to 40% of the total “energy gap” – the calories in excess of a person’s daily energy needs – that is believed to contribute greatly to the continually increasing average weight of youth across the United States.

The Boston Globe points out that this compares favorably to the national average of reduction in consumption from 1.74 to 1.66 sugar-sweetened drinks every day.