Chef Stephen Menyhart working one on one with our staff in the kitchen

Every year, BPS Food and Nutrition Services hosts a back to school training for all of our cafeteria managers. Over the course of 4 days, managers review everything from inventory control to new nutrition guidelines, to culinary basics to get ready for the school year.

One of the highlights from this year’s training included a day long culinary component led by 3 of our partnering chefs and one of our Field Coordinators.  During this training our chefs reviewed basic knife and safety skills and prepared a few recipes from this year’s lunch menu with our managers.  Many of these recipes reflect the department’s move towards “semi-scratch” cooking that incorporates some lightly processed products and some fresh ingredients.

Chef Kirk Conrad leading a team of cafeteria managers in the kitchen

 The kitchen filled with tantalizing aromas as managers worked together in teams to prepare an assortment of dishes including a butternut squash bisque, roasted green beans, sautéed collard greens (all of which were locally grown!), baked Alaskan Pollock (an unbreaded filet), and teriyaki chicken (also unbreaded) over brown rice. The result was a delicious feast and a team of managers who were equipped with new skills and recipes, ready to recreate these dishes in their own cafeterias.

Look out for these tasty recipes on the lunch line this year!

Arlene Whyte, Cafeteria Manager at King K-8 School