Where are your veggies grown? Many of the locally grown products featured on BPS lunch menus are grown in Hadley, MA in the Pioneer Valley from farms such as Czajkowski Farms.

Meet Joe Czajkowski from Czajkowski Farms in Hadley, MA:

ACRES FARMED: 300, 1/2 organic and 1/2 conventional
FARMING SINCE: Farm founded in 1914
CROPS: Blueberries, carrots, cherries, peaches, peas, raspberries, squash, strawberries, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes
EQUIPMENT: Four John Deere tractors, three Farmall tractors, two Landini tractors, assorted trucks, peeling and cutting equipment
FARM ANIMALS: A rabbit named Strawberry
CONTACT: www.czajkowskifarm.com

Did you know…There are over 100 farms in MA that sell their products to public schools and universities in MA! For more information about farms in MA that are selling to schools, check out the MA Farm to School Project.