Klaus Pichler’s photography series “One Third” portrays food in advanced stages of decay.  The series is a commentary on the gross amount of food wasted worldwide – according to 2011 UN estimates, approximately one-third of the world’s food supply is thrown out.  Of course, the developed world is the main culprit here, wasting up to 10 times more food annually than developing countries according to a recent NPR article

Pichler, playing on notions of consumer culture, photographs the decaying food as you might a high-end piece of jewlery or car.  See the entire series HERE.

Food waste is, of course, a major concern for schools districts across the country, especially as we increase the amount and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables offered on our lunch trays.  We count on broad-based community support and education in classrooms, at home, and in the cafeteria to combat this issue and encourage students to take full advantage of the nutrients on their plates.