Food and Nutrition Services is fortunate to have a slew of fantastic cafeteria managers, all of whom work tirelessly to serve fresh meals to 57,000 students across the district.  Today, I am turning the spotlight on one manager in particular, Jennie Hall, who leads a team of 8 employees at East Boston High School.

Jennie and her team serve between 1200 and 1300 lunches every day!  (Anyone who has ever made dinner for a crowd can appreciate the intense magnitude of this task.)  East Boston High is one of Boston Public Schools’ Provision 2  meal programs, meaning all students, regardless of their families’ income level, eat for free. 

Jennie has worked for Boston Public Schools Department of Food & Nutrition Services for 18 years, and is an East Boston native.  When she’s not serving up lunch, managing her staff, fielding emails and phone calls, and placing orders at East Boston High School, Jennie runs outside and works out at the local gym.  Talk about energy, right?

On a recent visit to EBH for lunch, Jennie, with assistance from Chef Kirk Conrad of the Project Bread Chefs in Schools Program, served up loaded chicken tacos, a homemade vegetable and garbanzo bean soup, whole wheat warps, and a BBQ chicken and baked potato dinner.  Students could also opt for the salad bar, with a variety of fresh vegetables, beans, protein, and cheese options.

After 18 years, what’s Jennie’s favorite item of the school lunch menu?  Straight up Italian comfort food: stuffed pasta shells with marinara sauce.

Thanks to Jennie & her team at EBH for all their hard work day in and day out.