In the fall issue of Edible Boston, Boston Public Schools is featured in this article by Susan McCrory about locally grown produce on the lunch line.  The article looks at Boston, Arlington, Concord, Lynn and Framingham public schools’ efforts to bring local produce into school cafeterias and discusses some of the challenges of using seasonal produce on the lunch line, getting kids to try new items, having a limited amount time during the school day to feed and educate students about what’s on the line, while also working within a tight budget.

McCrory big take away is that:

There is more than one challenge in implementing the Farm to School model for Massachusetts Food Service Directors. But, the overarching need is to bring together good-food education with demand and supply in a way that is sustainably profitable for all parties…We must be realistic: America is never going to return to being a fully agrarian society. Instead, you just keep innovating and making things work since, in the optimistic words of Alden Cadwell, “anything is possible.”

In Boston we’re making local food possible on the lunch line each week with Local Lunch Thursdays.  Look out for the locally grown coleslaw (cabbage and carrots) and roasted carrots on the lunch line tomorrow in cafeteria schools across the city!

To learn more about what other districts are doing to bring local produce to their cafeterias check out the rest of Susan McCrory’s article at here.